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Miami, FL

"Congratulations to White Irish Drinkers for going over the 100,000 ratings mark on Netflix! Bravo!!! And a 3.7 rating ain't half bad, either ... nice job to all involved -- John & Melissa, the entire cast & crew, and Screen Media Films. ."
Rochester, New York
"As a Film Studies major, I would recommend this film to everyone I know. There is just the right amount of tension and comedic relief. Stephen Lang, Karen Allen, Nick Thurston, and Geoffry Wigdor were OUTSTANDING. The writing and directing were unbelievable. I was laughing hysterically one minute and then crying. It was just unbelievable. I salute everyone who was involved in the making of this film. It's a one of a kind ."
"A damm fine movie.  Great story.  I liked all of the performances as well as the writing and directing. Nicely done."
"I watched it last night in Galway, as part of the Film Fleadh. Beautifully crafted. This movie's got a soul. If all friends around you, are going to the same pub, or partying like mine yesterday, let them go, go by yourself, you will feel sorry for them."
"Thoroughly enjoyed this film at the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck, Michigan. Great story, script, and acting. Highly recommended."
Los Angeles, CA "An Amazing and powerful story that brought me to tears by moments of truth and understanding. Nick Thurston and Geoffrey Wigdor are amazing. The truth they brought to their relationship as siblings was captivating."
Brockton, MA
" I also saw this screening last night in Cambridge, MA. at the Kendall Theatre. I too was blown away! I could have had the chance to say something about it to the Writer/Director (John Gray) but I was completely flabbergasted/astounded & remained silent (like we were taught to do as young Irish children). I grew up in the 70's with my five Irish-Roman Catholic brothers & this movie resonated right through my heart & psych. Half of my brother's are deceased now, due to the alcoholism abuse that we grew up around. I normally never cry at movies or funerals & hold all the emotions & "Irish" feelings inside. However, this movie had me actually wiping the dripping tears off my hidden cheek. I would highly recommend this film to every Irish Catholic in existence or to anybody who needs to understand what things were like in the 70's. in this Irish-American culture. It was great! "
Brooklyn, New York
"I saw the film yesterday at the Sunshine Cinema in NYC and enjoyed it very much. It really evoked the 70's in Bay Ridge Brooklyn where I came from. The acting was great. I see great futures for all of the newcomers, and it was nice to see Karen Allen, Peter Rieggert and Stephen Lang again on screen.
I will certainly recommend the film to my friends tom see in theatres or on a DVD."
"Attended the screening last night at the Kendall in Cambridge, had no idea what the film was about...I saw an ad in the Metro saying the Writer/Director was doing a Q&A afterwords and I'm always interested in hearing about the journey a film takes and hearing it firsthand. Now to the film...it was just beautifully done. A story of two brothers, love & loyalty and the choices we make. It resonated deeply with me. The acting was remarkable; new unknown actors and some stalwarts with vision to see the value of a good story over a high paycheck. Well-crafted and poignant. You must go see this film. It will make you laugh and cry but more importantly it will stay with you."
"This is a wonderful film. I t made me laugh and it made me cry! The acting is amazing and the story just grabs you and makes you part of the story! Anyone who lived during these years will love this story, and if you didn't live then, it will make you wish you had!
Don't miss this!"
Ardnaglass, Northern Ireland
"This is the story of love, family, community, fear and courage and what those things mean to us. This movie shows us what family, love and fear can prevent us from doing if we let them. But it also shows us what love, family, friends can potentially enable us to do if we have the courage and strength to face those fears. A timeless story, told simply and beautifully in Brooklyn."
New York, NY
"A fantastic film that inspires you by managing to be simple and entertaining as well as substantive and powerful.  A wonderful collaboration of new and established talents, White Irish Drinkers is a breath of fresh air.  The film is so well written, you could care about every character; it is so well acted that you do, in fact, care about every character.  Nick Thurston is a revelation.   I urge everyone to go and see this film, bring your friends along, and then spread the word. We should all support films like this; they are too rare."
Mamaroneck, NY
"If this is Nick Thurston's first film, I eagerly anticipate following his career! Wrapped in the hard-drinking, bare-knuckles, conflicted life he loves and hates, his vulnerability was palpable.  His eyes said it all.  The film's casting was spot-on; every actor delivered a character I cared about.  Thanks to John Gray for an evening very well spent."
Larchmont, NY
"This film is so much more than a family drama. The pain, frustration and hopes of the characters are communicated by amazingly strong performances.  Even the minor characters capture your heart. This is by no means a "small movie." Hopefully, it will reach a wide audience; it definitely deserves to be seen."
New York, NY
"This is a "witness for the prosecution" movie...do not reveal what you saw to anyone.  Let them discover the revelations for themselves. Paddy and Maggie portray the ultimate enabler/drunk duet. So sad and so perfectly enacted. Brian and Shauna make you want to fall in passionate, unrelenting love all over again."
New Rochelle, N.Y.
"A brilliant film with fabulous actors. Captured the flavor of the era as well. A must see!"
Larchmont, NY
"This is an incredibly vivid, evocative and impassioned movie about finding the courage to be true to yourself in a harsh and cynical world of nonbelievers.  Nick Thurston's character burrows into your heart and stays there long after the movie ends."
Great Barrington, MA

"As Chairman of the Board of the Berkshire Film Festival, I get to see many creative films but none have surpassed White Irish Drinkers. It is a strong film, well told and acted, with no weaknesses. Several of its actors deliver performances that are Academy Award- worthy, It screened last night to a packed house (despite an ice storm) and everyone was glad to be there. It's a must-see for any film lover who appreciates excellence." 
Monterey, MA
"This film stayed with me for a long time.  Everyone I saw this film with agreed that what was so wonderful, is that every character did a fantastic job - and there were a couple of real break out performances.  It was strong and somewhat brutal, and also sweet and funny at times.  Laughs to tears to sitting on the edge of your seat, but in a very interesting and completely unique way.  I wish more films were this well done." 
Boston, MA
"This film was incredible!!! Everything about it captures you and takes you on a emotional roller coaster ride. The acting, the filming, and the story are all fantastic!!!"
Atlanta, GA
"I loved this movie! The story was gripping and the acting was fantastic. It really grabbed you from the beginning and didn't let go of you until the end. A definite must see for sure!"
Stockbridge, MA

"Loved every minute of this movie experience.  Great characters, tremendous acting and cinematic quality even on a tiny budget!  So glad to have an opportunity to see this through Berkshire International Film Festival programs."
Los Angeles, CA
"I was really surprised by newcomer Nick Thurston. His performance was amazing! I'm also a huge Karen Allen fan so when I also saw she was int he film I was really excited too. She does an amazing job and delivers a great performance. A definite must see for sure!"
Alpine, NJ

"Saw the film in Toronto.  Wow!!!  Acting superb from top to bottom with special kudos to Geoff Wigdor and Nick Thurston...2 stars of the future!  Can't wait to see it again in general release.  Small movie with big ambitions that hits all the marks!"
Brooklyn, NY
"Acting was great, storyline fantastic and was an emotional roller coaster. Can't wait to see it in the theatres."
Westfield, New Jersey

"We saw the movie last Saturday night at the Mahaiwe Theatre in Great Barrington, Ma. What exceptional, rich writing, what outstanding acting, what thoughtful cinematography, what a memorable experience. We loved this movie and are spreading the word to our friends and family that they must see it."
"Nick Thurston blew me away!!! Karen Allen was brave and tragic!!! Everyone should see this film!"
"What a film! Strong,insightful, sensitive, and an ensemble of actors that are a tour de force!"
Great Barrington, MA
"Risked life and limb in an ice storm to see this at the Mahaiwe Theater last night, and it was well worth it. Marvelous film, densely plotted, beautifully acted, written, directed, and shot. Just wonderful on all scores. The family dynamic around which the story revolves is not a new story, but it's never been better depicted. The spare but intense performances of Karen Allen, Stephen Lang, Nick Thurston, and Jeff Wigdor, as well as of Leslie Murphy, Peter Riegert, and the entire supporting cast, are deserving of the highest praise, as are the writing and directing of John Gray and the cinematography of Seamus Tierney. The film deserves to be widely seen. Congratulations and thanks to all concerned."
Monterey, MA
"Loved this movie. Best dialogue since the Departed! Mr. Gray is a great story teller, and his affection for the characters and neighborhood is obvious. The cast is phenomenal. This intense, emotional film also has lots of laugh out loud moments. Worthy of many more awards." 
Lis and Virgil S.
Monterey, MA
"We just saw the film at the historic Mahaiwe Theatre in Great Barrington in a packed house. The acting was superb and the story authentic and moving. It's a film worth opening across the country!." 
"Wow! Just left the screening in Great Barrington, MA. Great story presented by a talented crew of actors. It was like going back in time. Don't miss this movie!"
Bob S.
"Just saw the film in Nyack....one of the best films I have seen in a long time. reminded me of a New Yorkers version of the 'Fighter'." 
"I saw the film last night. I laughed, I cried. The way that John Gray captured the character detail, their insides and outsides was miraculous.  Great job.  A must see film." 
"Saw last night's screening. Can't wait until its out to send all my friends. Marvelous movie." 
Chatham, NY
"I only saw about five movies at the FC fest this year, but I can say without a doubt, that this was absolutely the best movie I saw there. It's a fairly quiet drama, with the human spirit running through it. A beautiful odd little film, that if given the chance could make it huge. A masterful piece of art. " 
Torino (ITA)
"A wonderful story of two brothers who don't ever leave each other, always together, for better or for worse. I liked this movie very much. That I saw today is real life, a true story. A very great movie and work of all of you " 
Torino (ITA)
"I saw your movie today at the Torino Film Festival, and I really liked it. A good, strong story, great direction and interpretation. It's simply amazing what is possible to do with a small budget and such a short shooting time. Good luck for the competition!" 
"I've seen the film at the Turin Film Festival and I've completely loved it: very moving and compelling, well witten and with great actors."
"Saw it today at the Turin Film Festival.  Powerful and moving film." 
Spencertown, NY
"One of the best films selected for Film Columbia's Film Festival... powerful, moving, witty, heartwrenching... a must see for today's young adults!" 
Upstate NY
"The snippits I saw made me want more!! Can't wait to see it on the big screen!! Thx for sharing."
Ghent, NY
"Saw this film at the 2010 Film Columbia showing in Chatham. A powerful, wonderful film, with so much more truth and passion to offer than those other "coming of age in the 70s" films.  Thurston and Wigdor work beautifully together, and Karen Allen is exceptional." 
Germantown, NY
" Just saw screening at Film Columbia Film Festival...powerful, beautiful, well told story and outstanding performances by all involved...I will tell friends/family to watch for it...thank you!!" 
Chatham, NY

"Just a wonderful story with cast that are just great."
Sharon, MA
"A beautiful, powerful film!   I attended a screening in Los Angeles and was truly blown away.    I can't wait for this film to be widely distributed, so that I can send ALL of my friends!   I grew up outside of Boston and in the late 70s and feel that you perfectly captured the people and the era.   Everything from the script, to the performances, to the direction to the production design was right on the money.  I didn't want the film to end!   Kudos to everyone involved in the project."
Woodstock, NY
"Brilliant!  Deeply moving and finely calibrated; combined with a warm and generous sense of humor.  Deserving of broad circulation.  Saw it at Woodstock Film Festival." 
Woodstock, NY
"I just came from a showing of John Gray's brilliant film, "White Irish Drinkers", a major contribution to the Woodstock Film Festival and I feel privileged to have been in that audience.

What a powerful, riviting, emotional and deeply moving work of art.  The acting across the board was outstanding.  I have never seen Karen Allen any better than this. Veteran actors Steven Lang and Peter Riegert were flawless.  New comer Nick Thurston was sensitive and expressive and deftly handled the emotional roller coaster of his character, Brian Leary.  Geoffrey Wigdor and Leslie Murphy were dead on in their portrayal of Brian's older brother and girlfriend.

The depth of the characters... is the stuff "great" films are made of.  Nothing contrived, affected, just real, honest people whose story to which anyone with blood pulsing through their veins can respond.

I certainly hope that this film makes it to the masses, as it is by far more engaging than the majority of the multi million dollar trivial indulgences Hollywood passes off on the public.

Major kudos to John Gray and company!"
Woodstock, NY

"I haven't seen a movie this satisfying in a long time. It somehow manages to be hilarious, sexy, suspenseful, fun, and deeply moving, all at the same time. There isn't a false note anywhere, from the story and the production, to the spot-on performances. Bravo!"
Rhinebeck, NY

"Outstanding! As the story unfolds, you can actually feel the emotions of the audience rise and fall. Wonderful performances by the whole cast carries you through an emotional ride that is sometimes difficult to watch, but certainly worth it in the end. Congratulations to all involved; you deserve to reach a huge audience!"
Brooklyn, NY
"I saw your film this afternoon at the woodstock film festival.  I loved everything you did with the film, the callbacks with the knuckles, the hot food burning his mouth, the garbageman's use of language...
The story brought up tremendous feeling for me on many levels. I sincerely hope that the film receives the opportunity to be widely released.  I have already emailed a few people to look for it.
It is truly a gem.  Thank you."
New York, NY
"Just saw this film at the woodstock film festival, oh my what a emotional roller coaster ride. This is one best movies I have seen in ages.  Thank you so much for the ride!"
New York, NY
"Saw the film at the Woodstock Film Festival and loved it!  The script is nearly perfect, and so are the performances.  Best of luck with it."
Miami, FL
"Incredible film!! Saw it for the first time in Toronto and it blew me away! you've got to see this film. Amazing!!"
Toronto "Another 5 stars from this armchair critic! Great "emotional" film. John Gray gets heavy kudos here, especially for casting of his young talent. I'm sure we will see Nick Thurston again soon on the big screen -- that performance will not be missed by those making casting decisions. Wigdor and Murphy VERY strong as well. But the story ... the script ... was beautiful."
Toronto "Was in the audience the very last day of the festival and honestly, people were saying it was the best film they saw. The audience was mesmerized and no one even moved through the film and the entire director Q&A after. Can't believe it got so lost amongst the more high profile star driven films. What a crowd pleaser - or crowd "mover." People were laughing, sobbing, saying they'd be thinking about it for days. An emotional experience and a "5" rating."
Toronto "Saw the film in Toronto..great flashback to the 70's, music and all. Young performers are unbelievable in their roles. 1st timer Leslie Murphy is a natural in front of the camera,,can't wait to see her in more roles. Both Thurston and Wigdor play their irish brother roles expertly. Karen Allen and Stephen Lang are superb as the parents and Peter Riegert adds great humor and surprises in his role as "Whitey" ..great directing, plot and choices of actors...give it a solid A or in this case a "5""
Hollywood, CA
"I was invited to the Los Angeles Premier. I have to say, I was moved to tears.  It is a realistic viewpoint of blue collar mentality, at least when I was growing up, of the "who do you think you are" attitude when you are just expressing your authentic self. This imposed belief is certainly fostered by ignorance and fear. This is a true phoenix rising from the ashes tale. I was thoroughly moved."
Sherman Oaks, CA
"See this movie if you're lucky enough to get the chance. It is a touching, funny, moving, intimate portrait of a specific time and place that is nonetheless universal, with an involving story that will draw you in and make you feel.

The cast and performances are phenomenal all around, thanks to the heart and verisimilitude in the script, and director John Gray handles it all with a deft hand that, rather than drawing attention to itself, draws our attention to the story and action on the screen, which is as it should be.

In this day and age of yet the latest remake, spin-off or graphic novel adaptation, it's encouraging to see a micro-budget original story that's more engaging and memorable than any ten Hollywood blockbusters. Ironically, this is one of the few movies I've seen in recent memory for which I want a sequel to be made -- because, by the end, you will want to see more of these characters and find out "So, what happened then?"

You don't have to be white, Irish or a drinker to relate to this film; you just need to be a human being with a heart -- although if you happen to have Irish family from the east coast, you'll be alternately wincing and laughing in recognition every other minute.

Two thumbs, way way up."

Los Angeles, CA "I was invited to an advanced screening of White Irish Drinkers with no expectations of the film, and I must say I was truly impressed.

From the acting of Steven Lang, who, as always - was extraordinary, to the under-appreciated Karen Allen in one of her best roles. And finally to Nick Thurston who delivered a strong, measured performance that anchors the story.

In addition, Seamus Tierney provided some exceptional cinematography shot on location in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn - rarely seen on film since Saturday Night Fever in 1977, which coincidentally is the roughly the year when Drinkers is set.

But it is the director/writer/producer John Gray who's long career of solid work has served him well in bringing this powerful story to life. "

Los Angeles, CA "Invited by a friend of a friend, I saw a preview and was prepared to politely praise the film even if I didn't like it. But I was surprised. This film is sincere, unpretentious, extremely well written and well acted. The story captured my interest from beginning to end. High marks go to all of the actors -- Karen Allen, Peter Riegert, Nick Thurston at an existential crossroads, Geoffrey Wigdor as his older brother who is already lost to the streets, and especially Stephen Lang (the baddie from Avatar), a formidable actor who digs his fingers into your heart. I saw grown men in our audience surreptitiously wiping their eyes!

I don't know much about film-making, but I know what holds me. Whatever the makers did, they did right. Good luck! "